Be Present. This is the artist's intention: to consciously and intuitively respond to the miraculous connection that occurs daily--when the Earth reaches for the sky. Each new day provides us with an awakening and opportunity to act as caretakers of our Earth and of each other. 

"After the first brush stroke, the canvas assumes a life of its own; at this point, you become both governor and spectator to your own event." Anonymous

The process of painting landscapes begins with the artist's ability to sense the evocative emotion of color. The artist becomes a cast in the painting process, with each movement revealing a new stroke. The wet on wet paint flows and drips in a rhythm, echoing the creator's vibration. As such, the artist accepts the invitation to submit and direct the brush in washes as the color's flow and interact. All the while, the artist like nature, observes and allows the element of color to evolve and make powerful changes. Painting becomes an act of discovery of which we can all benefit from grander horizons!